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Performance Inspired Aquatics

20 Models chosen for aquarist of all types.

Biopellets, GFO, Biological, Carbon and all other types of filters.

Probe holders, filter sock brackets, Quarantine Boxes and more.

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Under the Hood

20 Gallon, 100 Gallon or even 1000 Gallon. Redline Skimmers will meet your demand.

Performance inspired Filtration

The DC Controlled Platform

Redline Aquatics is designed, engineered and assembled by professionals with over 15 years of experience in aquariums and protein skimmer design. All Protein skimmers are thoughtfully designed and put together by our professional team. Each skimmer is also controlled by a DC pump which allows you to control the speed of your pumps and even enter into “feed” modes.

Performance! Drives our innovation.

Redline is bred from speed and performance. Our inspiration comes from products built for speed, performance and superiority.

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